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  1. What if I am not Yankee rated? Swing by and observe the level of play. If it looks like it's your level, you might consider trying out. The Yankee rating is just a more universal metric for determining ability. We have our own rating system and can help place new players. Seek out an instructor for more details.
  2. When is this class offered? Generally, it is offered in the Fall and Winter sessions (September through April).

What is Advanced volleyball?

Advanced volleyball class is for advanced players who prefer a dedicated setter running a 5-1 and have already specialized in a position. A recent minimum rating of Yankee C for men and C+ for women is recommended. If you are not Yankee rated, you'll need to get "Acton rated".

Player's should have an Acton rating: AA or A.

Also note that depending on the season, this class may not be available.